Creative with Curtains


I was recently given a pile of vintage curtains by a friend who knows how much I love old fabrics. My mind begins to wander as soon as I touch these lovely old textiles….who owned them,where were they hanging,how old might they be and who made them,of course. Then the creative gene kicks in and it’s all about what shall I turn them into…..

I decided on a dress and jacket, as two of the fabrics went so well together… which of my ever growing stash of patterns do I use….


…..incidentally I discovered on my visit to the Biba exhibition that was in Brighton recently that this dress pattern was illustrated by Barbara Hulanicki herself….what joy!



Then it was time to decide on appliqué for the jacket. The fabric had a lot of pulled threads so I needed to place pieces carefully to cover the damage but also make it aesthetically pleasing.






I feel pleased with the result and the shop where I sell my designs,Tea and Sympathy in Colchester, were delighted with the outfit. Now what to do with the rest of the stash……

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