Essex Has More Than Vacuous Orange People To Offer


I live in Essex…..there I said it out loud! Ever since the Essex girl jokes and that hideous tv programme,this county has gotten bad press. I wanted to share my little haven with you. It hasn’t changed since I was a child and its where I go to soothe my soul.


Yes the beach is really this empty…..shhhh don’t tell anyone!



20130623-085329.jpg Rack of lamb anyone?


How I love the horses. These are on Walton Pier which you can walk to along the shore line.


And beach huts,did I mention them. Makes me sad that so many are unused whenever I visit but they have some great names amongst them…Cushty…. Ob La De,Ob La Da…..and my favourite…Jabba The …….

20130623-090414.jpg …’s always good to be different!

And as you get back for the train home this delightful garden greets you. It used to be the home of the man who operated the crossing gates and has been preserved and lovingly tended by volunteers. Just joyful!


Oh…..and I almost forgot,Frinton is home to many wealthy retired people so you can imagine the treasure to be found in the charity shops!!!……

Just one more thing to say and my homage to Frinton On Sea is done…..Please don’t visit!’s mine,all mine.


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    • Good job we have all those miles between us eh? Have a lot of barkcloth and other vintage fabrics coming my way very soon so I was going to offer to save any small pieces I can’t use for you if you would like. Be good to see it shared. Will blog about it soon as it arrives!

  1. Sigh. I love the sea..and that looks like a little slice of heaven..what about if we just come for the day in the school holidays? Just for the charity shops of course! xxxx

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit the UK! I’ve seen commercials for that show Essex and it does seem quite horrible :/ but that area looks lovely and the thrift shops are probably to die. One day!

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