The Three (Dun) Degrees


As regular readers will know I collect fabrics from charity shops and car boots and enjoy making them into something new,usually for girls or the home. However when I found this quilt cover a few months ago something drew me to it and I payed my £2 and took it home,thinking I would maybe make some boys wear one day.

…..and then a couple of weeks ago I received an email inviting me to trade at The Classic Car Boot Sale on October 12th on London’s South Bank. How exciting! I was to be part of a group of traders called Car Boot Remade,as we all use materials sourced from charity shops and and car boots. It was then I remembered the car quilt cover and a couple of boys paper patterns I had amongst all the girls ones.



…….and the dungaree was born.






And voila….The Three (Dun)Degrees were born! Bad retro joke I couldn’t resist….sorry!

….maybe this is why I can’t walk past a charity shop. You never know what treasures are within or when something you acquire from them will be perfect some time in the future. Classic indeed!

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