Vintage Attitude Has A New Home ( praise the lord)


I am delighted to announce that Vintage Attitude now has a permanent home in this lovely old church in Colchester,my home town.


The building has been leased by GO4 Enterprises who offer work and training to young people who would otherwise be unemployed. The cafe they run encourages many visitors who enjoy coffee and cake ….

….and then spend time viewing, and hopefully buying,from the wide variety of stalls dotted around the church. Here’s a few of my market neighbours.






Like many of my fellow designer/makers I am constantly torn between the need to make and also finding time for selling opportunities. Now I have a permanent space for my wares to be seen,and bought,I can use my time to make more stock…..which I love doing. So here’s my little corner,right next to the kids play area of the cafe. Good placement for kids clothes…… “Mummy Mummy, I love this…..oh please Mummy…..can I?”





Some stalls are permanent,others pop up randomly,so there is always something new to see and most weekends live music to add to the vibrant atmosphere. But failing that there’s always the piano…

So if you are ever in the area…..come join me in church…..never thought I’d be saying that!!


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  1. Oh I love what you’ve done with the old place! I’d be there in a second if I could and I’d pick up a few of those little napkin-looking things with the cute drawings on them! All the best and watch out for any wandering lost souls or eerie organ music :–)

  2. What a fab place! Would love to have a rummage round there, especially liking the look of Lesley’s Girls vintage shop. And your stuff looks great in there – love the lampshades and the little red hatstand!

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