Dr Who


As any true fan will know,Saturday 23rd November was a big day for The Doctor. It was the 50th anniversary since he first appeared on our screens and begun to force many a child, myself included,to view the tv from the behind the sofa. My daughter became a fan with the arrival of David Tennant and subsequently Matt Smith so when we found a set of Dr Who curtains in a charity shop the Who Dress idea was born.


Even my cat Willow thought she could become The Doctors new companion!

And here is Ami in what she calls…..my gorgeous slightly geeky dress”



The blue and white cotton print is from 1960s. It was in a huge bag of fabric given to me which belonged to a lady who had been a seamstress her whole life and sadly passed away recently. I do hope she would agree how well her fabric complemented the curtain fabric.
And yes, Ami wore her dress to watch Saturdays special episode…….let’s hope The Doctor approved!

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  1. Although I knew about Dr Who, I only got the who virus with the new series in 2005. (Eccleston helped a lot). Of course, I joined the 10+ mio folks that watched yesterday’s A.W.E.S.O.M.E episode… and I’ m still ‘under the influence’! Ami looks lovely in her gorgeous slightly geeky dress. She is one lucky girl!

  2. It alllllllllllllllmost convinces me to become a Doctor Who fan…but maybe I could just borrow the dress for next Saturday night..? I’m not an impostor just a philistine-but with exquisite taste in dresses 🙂

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