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Classic Car Boot Sale


Sorry for the delay in reporting back on my first vintage fair of the year but it took me a while to come back down to earth after my most successful fair ever! Great way to start my year eh? Big thank you to all who wished me luck….it worked!!

This was my pitch….bit of improvising as we weren’t supplied with tables this time and I already had my hands and shoulders full so couldn’t carry one. People seemed to enjoy having a rummage around the floor as well as looking through rails so it worked well. The sun shone on us all day and I sold lots of everything,met lovely people…..among them Mrs Fox Finery,who bought a dress from me. So great when the blogosphere brings us all together! I had no chance to leave my stall so only have a few images to share…..

This gorgeous girl loved her Hollie Hobbie dress and wore it very well I think you’ll agree….

And this little cutie went off wearing her new dress on top of the one she arrived in! Nice!

Walter the Rolls Royce was my neighbour for the day and went home with two of my Scottish cushions as that’s where his owner had found him.

All round it was a fabulous day and I went home tired but happy. It feels so good when some of the coolest people you will ever meet love what you create and then want to give you money for it!…..roll on the next!



Top Of The Crop Tops


I found these delightful tablecloths a couple of months ago and my crop top production began…..

By using a complementary vintage fabric on the back I could get two or three tops from each cloth,depending on its size of course. My addiction soon took hold and I really enjoyed the chance to mix and match fabrics and even used some Laura Ashley patchwork pieces to appliqué over any marks on the cloths. As usual I only made one of each by using different appliqué or back fabrics. The pattern was from the 80s and according to Vogue and the high street I seem to be bang on trend…


More cloths led to more tops….






….and here’s my lovely daughter Ami modelling some…….I made her too!



Lots of lovely new pieces for my stall at The Classic Car Boot Sale this Saturday on London’s South Bank……Wish me luck….

Glad To Be Grey


This weekend I had yet another birthday! Is it me or do they seem to come round more often as we grow older? During this past year I made what for me was a huge decision…..I stopped dying my hair and learned to live with my natural colour,grey…..I prefer silver…..but either way it’s not red, which I have been for as long as I can remember. I have to say I have found it liberating with no more shoving poison on my head every 6 weeks or so and as long as my cut stays on trend I don’t feel it’s ageing which was my biggest fear. So thank you to Jean Paul Gaultier for putting grey hair and particularly on older models on the Paris catwalk a few days ago.

It’s joyful!
However I don’t want to rant on about grey hair but I would like to share some images of the beauty that can be found in things as time marches on….

The West Pier Brighton has captured my heart since I first saw it many moons ago and I have watched her demise with great sadness but I still find the structure utterly beautiful…


The following photos I took at the weekend while visiting Brighton for my birthday…..





I guess what I am trying to say is I feel drawn to this heartbreaking structure because we are both survivors. Life or the sea can batter us at times….I bought up 2 kids on my own through Thatchers Britain….not for the faint hearted…and I am learning every day to cope with getting older on the outside…inside is still 24!…..but me and my beloved West Pier are hanging on in there…..