When Vintage Attitude Moved In With Viola


On Friday morning of last week me and my Vintage Attitude girls set off on a journey to London. The girls were excited and as always I was looking forward to my day in the city. But I also felt a little nervous as my girls were to be scrutinised and considered for a new home…..and I wanted them to be accepted and loved for exactly who they are. And the good news is….they were…..accepted….here….

This gorgeous boutique in leafy Bayswater is now home to my girls dresses. (Although as one sold on the first day it may not be home for long).

The shop is owned by lovely Sara who I met a couple of weeks ago at The Classic Car Boot Sale. She bought one of my dresses for her daughter and told me that she had a shop on Connaught St and would love to buy some dresses from me to sell in her shop!!! I stifled a scream and arranged to email images etc of what stock I had. And on Friday she bought 10 of them and immediately displayed them in the entrance to her delightful boutique.
To say I am pleased is an understatement…..I am chuffed to bits!!!
As you will see Sara has a real eclectic taste and I love the quirky look of her shop. She has a lot of experience in the fashion world having been a buyer for Paul and Joe and The Cross,before opening Viola 5 years ago. She deals with independent designers and niche labels and I am very happy to be one of them. Here are a few images of Viola…..Enjoy!








This feels like the start of something exciting…..glad I can share it with you…..


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  1. This looks exactly the place I could spend hours shifting through; just beautiful… and so are your girls! ”Pity” they won’t stay there for long šŸ˜‰ (but I noted down the address anyway)…

  2. First I wanted to thank you for your likes, on my blog.
    second, I was rewarded as I like your blog, and reading your new post, with all your nice images and perspective on life, colorful and fashionably vintage.
    Third, I got a Bonus as I ve just discovered you sell adorable dress for girls and I have 2. Let me know if you sell in Luxembourg ? Otherwise I can share adresses where you could and I m interested…. Let me know. And bravo

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