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Born in the 50s, child of the 60s, hippy chick in the 70s, mother in the 80s and returned to education in the 90s. I am now a passionate collector of vintage fabrics and never happier than when I am using them to create something new and therefore add yet another layer of history. My earliest memory of being creative as a child come from drawing around my foot onto a piece of Lino flooring,we were changing to fitted carpet! I cut out my feet shapes and tied ribbon around my foot and the “shoe”. I have vivid memories of going up and down the stairs so I could make a loud flip flop noise. Such joy!

Around age 10 my aunt showed me how to cut a paper pattern. Ever resourceful,I undid the waist on my Mums old 50s dresses(aargh!) and used the yards of fabric in them to make groovy mini shift dresses for myself. I guess you could say I have truly come full circle.


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  1. Thanks for such a FABulous array of feathered-delights….and for taking the party-time out to join the Afrow-Family! May I JUST say, I’m LOVING so much attitude on a Sunday morning!! xA

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