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Hanky Panky


I try very hard not to get seduced by vintage listings on eBay as they are often not as described in my experience. However, I saw these and they had to be mine……all mine! Silk,vintage,hankies! How could I go wrong. They arrived,lovingly wrapped,individually in tissue,so as to heighten the anticipation. I was not disappointed…..a joyful bundle indeed. For a while I just looked and stroked as they sat in my studio and then d day arrived. Decision made….cushions it shall be…..

These 3 had a distinct Scottish flavour so I used the same 70s print on all…..hopefully to encourage multiple sales,although they work well alone. I love the Scottie dogs and of course “cock of the north”brings a few smiles!

These two worked beautifully with the hand embroidered table cloth and the colours in the edging pulled it all together. Perfect cushion for lovers of Kent or The Queen I feel.

And the last two were made using t towels.

Dogs are always popular and this little “revolutionary”was no exception. I added some vintage buttons and he was ready for his public…..and went to a new home almost immediately! The Australia one was made by appliquéing onto a 70s print t towel. I cut the map and all the wildlife motifs from a cloth that was too soiled to use complete and I was very happy with the end result. Looks as though it’s part of the design originally I think.

I put them all on display at the vintage fair I did last week and the last two were snapped up……which is always a nice feeling. And the rest are off to church……so here’s praying. Aaachoo!!!



My Jane Austen Week


It all began with my friend Jo asking me to look after her hairy boys while the family went on holiday. I have done this in previous summers and always enjoyed my time with the dogs, Humphrey,on the left and Bernie on the right. I called this time with them my Jane Austen week as I would take lovely walks in the countryside,do lots of reading and some sewing and generally be a lady of leisure for the week.



The countryside seemed at its best and I felt rested and inspired all at the same time. It made me realise that we don’t need to travel very far to feel renewed and all this is 5 miles from where I live! We just need to take time to just BE!




And how about this as a reminder of how lucky we all are…..a little building in the churchyard used to educate the poor of the parish. Makes you think doesn’t it?

…..of course I wasn’t totally idol and had great fun with a pile of souvenir t towels and some lampshade frames I had been meaning to do something with







Such fun and I am looking forward to my next stint as Miss Austen……shame no sighting of a moist Mr Darcy…but a girl can’t have everything…can she?