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It’s Christmas!


How I love London! It’s always inspiring….has many hidden gems and never fails to excite me. However, there are some areas that have just become tacky with a glut of souvenir tat and it breaks my heart to think there must be some tourists who only see these areas on their visit to our great city. Imagine my surprise then when I turned the corner at the end of Regent St last Friday afternoon to see how Xmas has landed in Piccadilly Circus.

The statue of Eros has become a snow globe! I particularly loved the reflections of the neon signs and the way the buildings have become distorted. What fun!…..and then on to Leicester Sq and wow!!!

My jaw dropped! How did they get a full size Ferris wheel in there? I have never seen this space look so beautiful. Anyway….the photos say it better than I can. Enjoy….and go see if you get the chance.




…….even Shakespeare looks lost for words, don’t you think?