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It’s a Wrap….70sStyle!


There I was in my local independent stationers buying some swing tags for my next fair,and as I turned to leave my heart leapt as I spied this pile of gift wrap lurking, literally in a bucket,like some naughty kid everyone tries to ignore.




Can you believe the utter kitsch beauty of this? I think it’s from the 70s and the signature seems to be Reni…..so if anyone out there has any info I would love to hear from you!……and the best part of this find? The price?….40p for a pack of 25 sheets of this gorgeous paper.

Yes,I bought it all…7 packs in total. What will I do with it I hear you cry? That’s easy. I am going to wallpaper the loo with it as a tribute to all those brides whose marriage went down the toilet!!!