I Walked The Walk


“Fancy walking 23 miles along the Thames Path?”asked a friend a couple of months back. I heard myself saying yes without much thought really. It was to raise money for our local hospice and was organised by a friend of my friend who had recently lost her sister to cancer earlier this year. I lost my Dad to this cruel disease some 20 years ago this Summer so it felt a fitting tribute to him too….

I love walking and as one of that rare breed of non drivers I get lots of practice. It stood me in very good stead..

I expected lots of the above landscape with urban sprawl and city sky scrapers littering the journey….but there was so much more…..

Fabulous wooden structures rising from the river at every corner….


Most places I have no record of as photos were taken on the hoof as it were but I do know the following are Greenwich and the Cutty Sark….




<img src="https://vintageattiitude.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/20140618-124544-45944292.jpg"

This was the view from Nando's terrace….we terrorised staff until they let us in to use the loo! Never refuse women in orange who have full bladders….it's the law!!

Giant outdoor game of Jenga anyone?


Anthony Gormley sculpture with cable car above…..must take a ride on that some day!


And the fantastic bit of kit that is the Thames Barrier…normally used 3 or 4 times a year….except in January this year when it was raised 17 times to cope with our biblical rainfall!

Anyway we made it….some 6 hours later. My battery lasted longer than my phones so have no evidence of our sprint finish…I kid you not….or the fact that I had no blisters.

All in all it was a great day and the diverse landscape kept us all focused and determined to finish….we only lost 2 of our number along the way…..1 to horrendous blisters and the other to ongoing back problems.
As a footnote….scuse the pun….I felt very proud of my 59 year old rather short and slightly chubby legs!……and to date our group raised over £4000 for St Helena Hospice.


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  1. You’re an inspiration! This is truly amazing–I cannot imagine walking so far. It does look like the walk was interesting–so many different kinds of scenery.

  2. Well done you! As a lifetime walker myself, I would have stepped up and joined you on such a glorious excursion around lovely London in the sun. When else would such an occasion arise? Top job! x

  3. You guys are amazing! Kudos on all accounts! And thank you for the photos; I must visit that part of London one day… and where on earth is that cable car?? I had no idea, I’m gonna look it up!

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