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Seems a while ago now since I went to see this exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in South London. I shared the day with the 3 girls I used to share a studio with, 2 of whom are surface pattern designers,so we were all keen to see what was on display……we were not disappointed! And photography was allowed…Hurrah.

Delightful headscarves from Marcel Vertes in 1945 were so vibrant…



Salvador Dali,s hand was unmistakeable here…


Some textiles were on display in their intended use as fashion garments,amongst them these gorgeous Horrockses dresses from 1940/50s


……when curves were celebrated!…..

Enter Picasso…..of course!


This reminded me of some vintage china I found recently…..

…..called Matador,made by Broadhurst in England so I don’t think Mr P was involved, but a girl can dream….

Andy Warhol
The following 2 designs are from Zandra Rhodes who set up the Fashion and Textile Museum herself.

This design put me in mind of the opening credits of Mad Men. Can’t quite imagine Don Draper holding a bunch of balloons though!

This was one of Zandras designs for her degree show in 1964.

I loved this vibrant print from John Rombola. It dates from the 60s but it’s so similar in colour and playfulness to some of Ikea’s fabrics available today….

……such as this little beauty I bought recently…’s going to be a skirt….before you ask!
To finish here are a couple of detail images from my favourite Circus by John Rombola. The exhibition runs until May 17th so see it if you can.



…..and if you do get to visit,when you leave the building in Bermondsey St, look up and you will be treated to this lovely mash up of architecture…..



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  1. I wonder if I can clear my calendar, find the money, and book a quick trip to see this! Oh my, this looks like the most WONDERFUL exhibit–the variety and cleverness and it’s all done in textiles! I’m a bit overcome . . . šŸ˜‰

  2. I am mad for vintage print fabrics and these are all marvellous. Thank you for posting such a great array of photos! And I absolutely love your Matador china.
    Print heaven!

    • Ha ha. A kindred spirit! China was a real find,hand enamelled 22 carot gold edge, stamped on the back. I managed to get 6 of each size plate…. All for Ā£8!!! Shame I couldn’t buy any of the fabrics eh?

      • and now I’m well jell (though I’m not orange)what an amazing find.
        Definitely a kindred spirit. Quirky, decorated china and vintage prints are my ultimate weakness.

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