Fine day at The ( no longer a ) Secret Vintage Fair.


Yesterday me and my Vintage Attitude had a stall at The Secret Vintage Fair. The location of the fair is only revealed a couple of weeks before the day so you never really know what you are signing up to but on past experience I know they are well attended and always in a fabulous building. The last one was in the Norman castle here in Colchester…you can’t get more vintage than that eh?

So this was me…right at the front and centre of The Masonic Hall in Ipswich.

My girls dresses proved popular,even being bought “to hang on the wall until I have kids”by one enthusiastic lady!





….and we were entertained by the fabulously named Testosta Tones!….get it?

Really was a lovely day at the fair and I sold lots of dresses,met lovely people and got great feedback,all of which gives me encouragement and much needed support to continue “putting my soul on display”…..yes that’s how it feels when you put your creations on sale.
….oh and of course I bought a couple of bits myself…..well it would be rude not to!



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