C’est Magnifique


Oo la la! What a find I had yesterday on my first rummage in the charity shops this year. I set myself the challenge of visiting them less frequently as my “padded cell” of a studio soon won’t have room for me. However, when I find something as joyful as these it’s hard to resist just popping in.

Delightful non?….oh how my brain went into overdrive, but first to translation….from the top….
He loves me
Literally to madness
A little bit
Not at all.


Two of the napkins have an embroidered letter in one corner. I think its a V but could possibly be an N…..

The rest of the set have a very faint trace of the same letter that has been left unstitched. So,what’s the story,who is,or probably was V and he? Did he fall out of love with her during an eight course meal perhaps? Did she embroider them as a look back at how his feelings changed? Or does each napkin represent a different relationship? I guess I will never know but oh the joy of picturing the many possible scenarios.
Script on fabric is a current trend and something I have been thinking about this week to ease back into creative mode…..

But whatever I create it’s not going to have the romance and wonder of the napkins I suspect. What’s your thoughts on them?…..


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  1. How very delicious!! You lucky thing – well found! I read it as an N but who knows…could they even be cocktail napkins?? Kerry over at Love those hands at work showed some beauties a few days back and these remind me of them..did the French do cocktail napkins?? Who knows??! xxxxx

    • Strange that I should find them in the week you did Epiphany blog on embroidering the families life. I would love to know the story here and all about N or V and whom ever they may be. Love the cocktail napkin idea! Ooo la la indeed…

  2. I do believe Kate, at Maison Bentley, is right that these are cocktail napkins! The embroidery makes me think of the game we played as children, pulling petals off a daisy and saying, “he loves me, he loves me not.” Maybe each person picked a napkin, randomly, at a cocktail party and got the answer to how “he loves me”?! Such a wonderful find!

  3. You ladies, Vintage Attitude and Maison Bentley, with your cocktail napkins and embroidered bedlinen are making me feel quite the uncouth slob this week! I love peering into your worlds, but standing over here at a distance. Otherwise I’d get my grubby paws over everything and you’d chase me from the front step! I feel a bit like Pip gazing over at Estella in Great Expectations 🙂

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