Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!


This is a must see if you have even a passing interest in fashion. It’s one of the best I have seen…..and I have seen a lot of fashion exhibitions over the years. I first took The Sunday Times in 1997 and have been a devotee of the Style magazine since then. As a Fashion And Textile student I devoured the fashion shoots weekly and marvelled at the fashion editors unique style, who at the time was Isabella Blow. Much has been written about her since she tragically took her own life in 2007. This exhibition features her wardrobe of clothes from the designers she loved and nurtured and it’s wonderful to see the garments up close and witness the wear and tear…..cigarette burns,trace of lippy and scuffed heels! It’s so easy to imagine Issy in all her fashion fabulousness!
I took a couple of sneaky pics…




….and the obligatory selfie!

….brought this beautiful image by Nick Knight of McQueen kimono and Philip Treacy eye mask and devoured every piece of this fabulous show. I also felt an overwhelming sadness because of course the show features much of Alexander McQueens stunning archive and of that there will be no more either.
On returning home I dug deep into my magazine stash and found some images I have had since student days. Issy was fashion editor on these….Enjoy!




<img src="" alt="20140117-111938.jpg"

Much was penned as tributes to this unique lady and again I have the evidence….




Isabella’s coffin was adorned with one of her favourite hats ( by Treacy of course)
I loved this exhibition as I have said but I also felt a profound sadness at the loss of this fabulous ballsy lady and her all consuming passion for the crazy world of fashion!



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  1. I wasn’t that familiar with her job as an editorialist so thanks for sharing these vintage and wonderful images ! The exhibition looks stunning ! Her incredible talent still lives on, thanks to people like you and Daphne Guinness ! XX

  2. Oh, I wish I could attend! But you’ve given a very thorough report, thanks. Love those ST covers. I remember I used to rush out and get it when I lived in London. Incidentally, I intend to lie in my coffin wearing a hat like that too 🙂

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