Glad To Be Grey


This weekend I had yet another birthday! Is it me or do they seem to come round more often as we grow older? During this past year I made what for me was a huge decision…..I stopped dying my hair and learned to live with my natural colour,grey…..I prefer silver…..but either way it’s not red, which I have been for as long as I can remember. I have to say I have found it liberating with no more shoving poison on my head every 6 weeks or so and as long as my cut stays on trend I don’t feel it’s ageing which was my biggest fear. So thank you to Jean Paul Gaultier for putting grey hair and particularly on older models on the Paris catwalk a few days ago.

It’s joyful!
However I don’t want to rant on about grey hair but I would like to share some images of the beauty that can be found in things as time marches on….

The West Pier Brighton has captured my heart since I first saw it many moons ago and I have watched her demise with great sadness but I still find the structure utterly beautiful…


The following photos I took at the weekend while visiting Brighton for my birthday…..





I guess what I am trying to say is I feel drawn to this heartbreaking structure because we are both survivors. Life or the sea can batter us at times….I bought up 2 kids on my own through Thatchers Britain….not for the faint hearted…and I am learning every day to cope with getting older on the outside…inside is still 24!…..but me and my beloved West Pier are hanging on in there…..



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  1. Kudos to you for going natural with your hair color! I’m very impressed–I seem to know a lot of people who want to get rid of their dyed hair but don’t have the nerve to make the transition. Your photos of the pier are very moving–I’ve never seen it but can get a good sense of how it’s aged and deteriorated. Yet it’s still standing and looking compelling!

    • I love the pier so much! Each time I visit I hold my breath as I approach the sea front just praying that she hasn’t gone altogether. She could tell such stories of all she has seen and survived….

  2. I’m a little bit late but “Joyeux Anniversaire” to you ! I’ve always admired women who keep their grey hair and embrace them, bravo ! Jean Paul Gaultier “all ages” space and punk odyssey was a pure joy ! xx

  3. Many HAPPY Returns to you, from another ‘silver’ lady here in Brussels! I gave up on dying 5 years ago, I think, and never regretted it! For the first time in my adult life I could have long, healthy hair without the nuisance of split ends etc.
    I love your photos of the pier; so strong and beautiful and eerie!

  4. Happy birthday! I envy you (and Lia above) who have hair that looks good silver/grey and does not in fact resemble a wire brush that should be stored under the sink…ahem. Hence I slavishly slope off to the hairdresser every six weeks–is it possible my visits are becoming more frequent? It’s more like a race now my sprint to the colorist versus the grey’s sprint across my noggin! 😦 I have a friend who happens to have one long natural river streak down the side of her hair about an inch wide. It’s so dramatic and well placed. I have such uncooperative hair…
    But beautiful images of pier make me feel better 🙂

  5. Happy birthday to you. Joyeux anniversaire. May you have a healthy happy and surprising year ( good surprise of course) nice pics of the pier. Ps I wonder how they did the braids on the side of the head

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